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Structured Cabling

A properly installed network is the key to seamless connectivity across all of your facilities. This foundation is built upon structured cabling, the physical infrastructure of cables and server racks that facilitates each connection.

Our team at Cabling Ottawa consists of experts in the field of data network implementation. Setting the standard for communications in Ottawa, every new project will be handled from the initial design to the final testing to verify reliable connectivity.

Structured Cabling Solutions:

  • Voice/Data, Fiber Optic, COAX
  • Outdoor Underground & Aerial cabling
  • RCDD Infrastructure Design & Certification
  • Auto-CAD Documentation
  • TIA/EIA & IEEE Compliance Verification/Diagnostics

See how an integrated network from Cabling Ottawa can increase productivity and efficiency within your company.

Technical Staffing

Cabling Ottawa has built a reputation for everything that you’re looking for in your technical staff. We’re proud to combine the cutting edge of industry knowledge with practical experience, outstanding service, and results that you can trust. When you work with Cabling Ottawa, these are just a few of the qualities you can count on.

Cabling Ottawa runs a dynamic, flexible staffing service that can serve as a long-term solution for anything you need. Whether you’re looking for the expertise to make your next deadline or need a long-term hire, you’re in the right place.

Our principle areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • Cable removal
  • IT/Data Centre Management
  • Voice/ Data Adds, Moves & Changes
  • Technician labour (assistance in cable pulling)
  • Project Management
  • Security Technician (device installation)
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