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Audio & Video Solutions

The world of audiovisual (AV) technology has become more robust and refined than ever thought. At Cabling Ottawa, our team of experienced technicians stays current with the newest in AV equipment and features as they hit the market. This commitment means our installers can implement the perfect AV system to match your facility’s needs.

Partnering with AV vendors, Cabling Ottawa is able to provide tailored support with subject matter experts. In today’s remotely connected world, it’s important to provide our clients with the knowledge needed to confidently operate everything from meeting room cameras to digital signage posted around the facility.

Let the experts at Cabling Ottawa bring your building up to date with the newest in AV technology.


The need for flexibility around workplace location has never been more apparent than it is today. Keeping your staff connected and communicating now has more variables than ever now that each user is on their own internet connection. Cabling Ottawa understands the need to keep productivity up while still properly accommodating your team. As such, its team of industry-leading professionals is equipped to install and upgrade new or existing WiFi networks to increase speed and range along with seamless network integration. Cellular data connection improvements are also available ranging from signal repeaters to custom designed in-building coverage solutions. Get connected today with Cabling Ottawa.

Sound Masking

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to have a private conversation in an office setting. Due to the generally low background noise in offices, co-workers are constantly overhearing each other’s conversations. Whether you’re discussing sensitive information about salaries or casually chat about your weekend plans, you deserve privacy. Fortunately, sound masking systems pose a solution. By releasing a soft, discreet background sound, these systems seamlessly muffle conversations and noisy distractions. The uniform sound creates a comfortable ambiance that promotes concentration and employee productivity! Our partners at Cabling Ottawa have the tools necessary to equip any office with the ideal sound masking system.

Audit Services

At Cabling Ottawa, our team of industry leading professionals stays current on emerging telecommunication technologies to keep your facility running at peak efficiency. This is done through regular audits, or on-site inspections, that go over every square inch of infrastructure and to every corner of the network.

Physical inspections are conducted on all equipment with text and image documentation for every component, checking for every detail from type of cables used to the overall layout of structured cabling. After the physical audit, testing is done on the network to determine current data speeds and connection strengths to find any areas of concern.

Don’t let your network lag behind the competition, schedule an audit with Cabling Ottawa today for a custom plan of attack increasing your telecommunication strengths.

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